January 2, 2013

Deeply Philosophical Things, AKA To Gita or Not to Gita

I've been thinking a lot about two things:

A) How masochistic it was to select Vedic culture as my hearth culture, and
B) Where is the line drawn between Hinduism and Vedism anyways?

I've asked the ADF Eastern Kin this question (I omitted the first statement, but it was hard). They've basically informed me that anything involving the Gita or The Mahabharata or whatever is not considered to be a part of Vedic Druidry. Cool. Figures the parts I actually KNOW about wouldn't be included. 

I think I get why though, but it's interesting to think about (and don't take this as fact, because I'm not sure what the facts are... this is just my best understanding). My understanding is that getting right to the heart of the Vedas and eschewing the other aforementioned texts is hoping to also eschew possible biases based on Hindu culture that may or may not be something we want to adopt as true adherence to Vedism. I think we're trying to avoid things like caste hierarchy. I have the ability to appreciate the Gita for what it is and leave that part aside (as well as the fact that most translations are very male-specified almost to the point of being completely misogynistic), but a beginner might not. I also think the Mahabharata is pretty neat, at least the parts I've read. Because holy CRAP that story is impossible to read. So the part I'm thinking about is this: if we're accepting the Vedas as being the "true" truth... that's quite the distinction. I wonder how the lines get drawn similarly in other hearth cultures?

And if ADF Druidry does not include the Gita, maybe I'd rather be a Hare Krishna?!

All kidding aside... it's a little unfortunate. The Gita is beautiful. I'm having a hard time separating the ideas of the Gita and Patanjali and Vedic Druidry. I get it's a distinction I don't have to make in my own beliefs, but I'd like to know where ADF draws the line at least, so I can separate the two. I'm kind of the opinion at the moment that, you know. Great. Finally I know something about something, and it doesn't even apply! WAAHHH! I'm reading through some of the Kin's emails and they say that they reject karma as an idea as well. I'm screwed. Karma is a huge part of what the Gita is about (see my earlier post about karma yoga).

There goes my knowledge.

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